Theft And Identity Fraud

Defense Against Theft And Fraud Charges In Maryland

Theft and fraud allegations are among the most serious crimes a person can be charged with. Beyond the possibility of incarceration, a conviction on theft or fraud charges can be life-altering because theft is an allegation involving honesty and trust, often affecting people’s personal lives and careers.

Attorney M. Dean Jenkins has more than 45 years of experience defending against serious criminal charges, including allegations of fraud, identity theft, and the creation or use of fake driver’s licenses.

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Collateral Consequences

Being convicted of theft or fraud can result in lengthy incarceration, and can also lead to loss of employment opportunities. In numerous professions, theft convictions lead to loss of professional licenses.

In addition, theft and fraud charges involving large amounts of money are typically prosecuted as felonies, with significantly longer incarceration as a possible sentence.

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