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Defense Against Handgun Charges In Maryland

The state of Maryland has enacted one of the toughest handgun laws in the United States. In addition, the prosecutors in Maryland enforce these laws in a strict manner.

In fact, many people who find themselves charged with crimes under the Maryland handgun laws are from out of state and have a handgun carry permit in their home state. They allegedly then carry the handgun into Maryland, but without a Maryland carry permit, resulting in criminal charges in Maryland. Usually Maryland notifies the home state, resulting in revocation of the carry permit in the home state.

Other Types Of Weapons Charges

Maryland has enacted strict weapons laws criminalizing the carrying of weapons concealed on the person or in a vehicle. In the town of Ocean City, there are town laws criminalizing possession of certain weapons such as brass knuckles and other martial arts weapons. In most of these cases, the state not only seeks convictions, but also forfeiture of the weapons.

Maryland also has strict laws regarding hunting and gaming offenses. If you are facing a hunting or gaming charge, let us help you minimize the negative consequences.

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