Drug Charges FAQ

Facing Drug Charges? You Need Expert Representation.

In Maryland, as in many states, drug charges are very serious. Drug possession, trafficking, manufacturing and other charges can all lead to jail time, heavy fines, probation and a permanent criminal record. Anyone facing these types of charges should get help from a dedicated, experienced attorney as soon as possible.

M. Dean Jenkins is an Ocean City law firm that has been protecting local members of our community and vacationers from drug charges for years. You can trust that we will work hard to get you the most favorable outcome in your specific situation.

Answering Your Questions, Easing Your Mind

Because of our experience, we have a wealth of information that may be helpful to you with regard to drug charges in Maryland. Read on to learn more:

What types of drug charge cases do you handle? We help individuals who are being investigated for or who have been charged with crimes like possession, manufacturing, trafficking and more. We handle crimes related to many types of drugs, including heroin, cocaine, prescription opiates, ecstasy, MDMA (molly), meth, marijuana, DMT, LSD and more.

Did a police officer violate my rights? There are many ways that a police officer can make a mistake or violate your rights when arresting you or investigating your case. Depending on the circumstances, the officer may have done something unlawful, such as search you, pull you over or arrest you without reasonable suspicion or probable cause. Or the officer may have used faulty sobriety testing when arresting you for alleged DUI. These are just two examples of how irregularities in police procedure can lead to a reduction or dismissal of charges. We can thoroughly examine your case to determine whether your rights were violated before, during or after your arrest.

Is it possible to get drug charges reduced or dismissed? It is often possible to get drug charges reduced or dismissed. However, it is important to get the help of an experienced attorney if you hope to minimize the negative consequences of an arrest. An attorney who is known by the local legal community to be skilled in drug charge defense can examine the evidence and fight to get you the best possible outcome.

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