Assault And Domestic Violence

Defending Against Charges Of Domestic Assault

Whether representing a person charged with misdemeanor second-degree assault or with felony first-degree assault, M. Dean Jenkins has more than 45 years of experience in defending such matters in the state courts on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Mr. Jenkins has represented clients in over 45 jury trials and in numerous trials before Judges in District Court and Circuit Court in which the charges were assault or reckless endangerment. His representation includes investigations as well as trials.

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With This Much At Stake, You Need A Strong Defense

Police and law enforcement agencies are increasingly more vigilant in enforcing the Maryland laws against assault and reckless endangerment, particularly in the area of domestic violence. Prosecutors make prosecution of these charges a top priority. Judges are also likely to incarcerate people convicted of such crimes.

Charges of assault in the first degree are a felony, carrying the possibility of 25 years’ imprisonment. First-degree assault is also classified as a crime of violence, with serious ramifications other than lengthy incarceration.

In many cases, the outcome will depend on pretrial motions filed and litigated regarding the legality of police conduct and the investigation. You will need a lawyer with experience and dedication who will thoroughly prepare your case. That is the key to a successful defense. In many cases, negotiations can achieve an acceptable outcome.

The most important decision you will have to make is the choice of the lawyer to represent you in these very difficult and complex cases.

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